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Kathryn J Ralph Ph.D went on a racist facebook rant about Chinese students milking America. Among her list of demands in her rant were for Chinese students to

  • go the fuck home
  • stop eating bats (and cats, and infectious diseased animals)
  • stop poaching rhinos for fake bullshit medicine (Africa is dead bc of you fools)
  • and stop counterfeiting goods
  • it is a Chinese virus- you are 100% to blame
  • your dick isn't getting bigger by killing all the rhinos and lying about viruses you caused by being dirty with no regulations - spreade the news

Sherrie Shaw, Liu’s mother-in-law, said she was upset when she saw Ralph’s posts and wrote her own post exposing Kathryn. Shaw's post was shared up to 3000 times.


A letter was sent to Father Jenkins and the Notre Dame leadership team notifying them of the matter. A petition was also started to have Kathryn remove from Notre Dame.

Kathryn was eventually

  • Removed from postdoctorate program at Notre Dame as a 6 year student
  • Terminated from her post as senior researcher at Heterodox Academy

Since then Kathryn has erased all of her known social media accounts.

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