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2 Hispanic students at Bolsa Grande High School in Garden Grove recorded themselves mocking and bullying Asians students, including an incident where one of them named Ally Loves, smacks the face of an Asian girl wearing a face mask. These videos were posted to her youtube channel.

Several postings with students from Bolsa Grande High School openly degrading and abusing the Asian community of the school, have recently made the Bolsa Grande High School famous on the internet, for all the wrong reasons.

In the first video, the students are seen shouting and making fun of the students, who are of Asian descent during a showcase of their culture, by saying : "Coronavirus."

In the second video, one of the students is seen jumping up and down with a traditional Vietnamese hat, as if to mock the culture of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people, and then proceeds to throw it on the floor in front of the Vietnamese student who gave to her, as if her culture was nothing more to the student, than a piece of garbage.

In the third video, the students are again seen, going up to an Asian student wearing a facemask, and proceeds to make her feel uneasy and uncomfortable, before proceeding to shove her face by pushing her mouth, and then laughing and mocking at the Asian student, with a mocking "Asian accent".


The Garden Grove School district was notified of the videos and is investigating the situation.

A person by the name of Ly Thai Tong started an online petition to get the two girls expelled from school. The petition current has 69,000 signatures.

Also was also involved in a fight afterwards:

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