Zach Seiler

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Zach Seiler
Zach Seiler
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On March 26, 2020 Instagram user @vanillako who goes by Vanessa posted screenshots of messages between herself and Zach Seiler who was a student at Penn State University at the time. The story went viral after at article titled Pennsylvania College Student Exposed for Disgusting Racism Against Asians was posted on

Through Instagram, Zach Seiler wrote to Vanessa:

"That's right fuck you slant eye gooks. Get the fuck back to your poor ass country you dog eating bat munching no good freak-o-lops. God damn zipperheads are running my chance at the American Dream. You should be grateful I don't have a one way ticket to your worthless pathetic country yet."

and continues on

"You think I'm mad? Nah I'm laughing my ass off you dumb gook. Ps I'm racist asf to you, your family and your country. Get the fuck outta here."


Zach Seiler is an engineering student at Penn State University and is slated to graduated in 2020. After hearing about the story, a female named Makayla Muffley has come forward claiming that the same Zach Seiler attempted to get her drunk and sexually assault her when she was 14 years old and he was already a student at Penn State University.


Vanessa has reached out to Penn College and an Elliot Strickland Jr responded that he would "follow up with Zach immediately. A petition has also been start to expel Zach from Penn State. As of the time of this writing, Zach's known social media accounts have been closed.

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